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1. How can I avoid waiting in line at DMV?
2. Where are drop boxes located and what can I use them for?
3. Am I required to register my boat?
4. Am I required to register my snowmobile or ATV?
5. Do I need to notify DMV if I move?
6. How do I notify DMV about a name change?
7. What if I fail to surrender my plates when I no longer have insurance?
8. What are the New York State motor vehicle liability insurance requirements?
9. How long does it take for the certificate of title to be mailed to me?
10. When I renew my driver’s license, how long does it take for my photo license to arrive?
11. What is the quickest way to renew my Driver's License?
12. What forms of payment do you accept?
13. Do I need an appointment to take a written exam?
14. What are the ID requirements for a permit, license or non-driver ID?