How do I become a foster parent?
Step 1: To begin the process, contact Jennifer Hammond, Foster Care Home Finder at (607)756-3434 who will provide you with a packet of information and necessary forms.
Step 2: You will participate in a 30-hour pre-certification training following the MAPP/GPS curriculum to better prepare you for foster parenting and to help you determine if foster parenting is right for your family (classes are offered twice per year).
Step 3: After you are certified, you will discuss placement preferences and options with the Home Finder to determine which foster child would fit in best with your family environment.
Step 4: Trainings will be offered throughout your time as a foster parent (a minimum of 6 hours of training is required annually). Your caseworker will be available and will be a support to you and any child placed in your home.
Step 5: As a foster family you will receive a daily stipend, clothing allowance, and medical insurance for each child in care.

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