What is foster parenting?
There’s no place like home. But sometimes children need more protection, guidance and help growing up than their parents can provide for them at the time. Many children in Cortland County are placed in foster care each year. For them, it’s a chance to succeed and grow; for their parent, it’s a time to receive the help they need. Foster care provides a second chance. Children’s needs are met, while services are provided to attempt to resolve the family’s problems. For many families, foster care is the temporary help they need to get back on their feet. Become a foster parent and help a child’s experience in care be one they can look back on as a time of support and recovery.

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1. What is foster parenting?
2. Why are children placed in Foster Care?
3. Is foster parenting difficult?
4. Who can be a foster parent?
5. How do I become a foster parent?