Cortland County Historian

The Cortland County Historian is responsible for researching, collecting and preserving local historical records and properties to advance the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Cortland County's heritage.  Work also involves presenting programs of a historical nature to local groups, as well as preparing articles for historical publications.  Work is performed under the general direction of the County Legislature.  

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Cortland County Historical Society
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Cortland County Clerk
Cortland County Online Record Search

Cortland County and Villages within the County do not maintain birth, marriage or death records.  Those records can be accessed by contacting individual towns for the information.  The links below may assist you in obtaining information on how to obtain copies, and the cost to do so if available.

 City of Cortland Clerk Records:
  City of Cortland Marriage Record Application
  City of Cortland Birth Record Application
  City of Cortland Death Record Application
Town of Cincinnatus Clerk -
Town of Cortlandville Clerk -
Town of Cuyler Clerk -
Town of Freetown Clerk -
Town of Harford Clerk -
Town of Homer Clerk -
Town of Lapeer Clerk -
Town of Marathon Clerk -
Town of Preble Clerk -
Town of Scott Clerk -
Town of Solon Clerk -
Town of Taylor Clerk -
Town of Truxton Clerk -
Town of Virgil Clerk -
Town of Willet Clerk -

For other questions you may have about specific areas the local historians are a wonderful asset to you.  Listed below are the names and contact information to reach them.

Cortland County - Eric Mulvihill - 607.753.5049
City of Cortland - Kathleen O'Connell - - 607.756.7371
Town of Cincinnatus - Tabitha Scoville - 607.745.4933
Town of Cortlandville - Currently Vacant - 607.756.5725
Town of Cuyler - Michael Denkenberger - 315.402.0395
Town of Freetown - Mary Mackay - 607.849.6172
Town of Harford - George Chevalier - 607.844.8575
Town of Homer - Martin Sweeney - 607.749.7120
Village of Homer - Martin Sweeney - 607.749.7120

Town of Lapeer - Grace Stone - 607.849.6637
Town of Marathon - Patricia McConnell - 607.849.3661
Village of Marathon - Patricia  McConnell - 607.849.3661
Village of McGraw - Mary Kimberly - 607.836.6738
Town of Preble - Judah (Jay) Currie - - 607.749.4764
Town of Scott - Cathy Barber - 607.749.2902
Town of Solon - Susie Monroe - 607.836.6695
Town of Taylor - Sharon Eltz - 607.863.3849
Town of Truxton - Donald McCall - 607.842.6684
Town of Virgil - Marsha Powell - - 607.835.6174
Town of Willet - Shirley Pember - 607.863.3344