Test Guides

Test Guides published by the New York State Department of Civil Service are generally targeted to entry-level occupations (e.g., Police Officer, Correction Officer, Fire Fighter, Clerical, etc.). They are not offered for every examination announced. They are developed to provide candidates with a general description of the subjects on the examination and sample questions. These Test Guides contain no material to study or learn in preparation for any specific test. Candidates should pay close attention to the "Subjects of Examination" listed on the examination announcement. This provides information on the test type and content of the examination. Candidates should focus their examination preparation upon the information given in the examination announcement.

The test guides for certain scheduled upcoming examinations are currently available in "Portable Document Format" (.pdf). PDF forms may not be accessible by all users. Hard copies of test guides are available by contacting the appropriate Municipal Civil Service Agency where you plan on participating in the upcoming examination.
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