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Glass Separation Information

Cut Costs:
- Glass is the heaviest material in the single stream system
- Cortland County pays by the ton for recyclables to be transferred to a MRF
    (Materials Recycling Facility)
- Less Glass = Less Weight = Lower Costs
- Glass makes up almost 20% (by weight) of our recyclables
- Glass material can greatly reduce the life of machinery and equipment

Reduce Waste:
- We can reduce trucking and lower green house gas emissions by using     materials for beneficial uses locally at our own landfill
- Beneficial uses include lining ditches, building roads, etc...
Make an Impact:
- The recycling markets are quickly changing and new companies who use      recycled materials are starting as an outcome to the current challenges     in the recycling market
- By separating our glass we are not only able to use it for other purposes     locally but we are creating a cleaner, more marketable product that we     will be more likely to receive revenue for in the future

Contamination Information

 The Average Single Stream Recycling Contamination Rate is 25%
- Please make sure all recyclable containers are clean and empty
- Plastic bags are NOT recyclable and plug up recycling equipment
- In 2020 plastic shopping bags are scheduled to be illegal in NY
- Styrofoam and foam food containers are currently not accepted 
- Paper towels, tissues, and bathroom waste are not recyclable

All contaminated items brought to the County Recycling Facility have to be transported to the landfill increasing costs and decreasing efficiency

If you have ANY questions about acceptable items contact the Cortland County Recycling Coordinator at (607) 753-5191


  These items are currently accepted (at no cost) at the Recycling Center:
  • Computers (desktops, laptops)
  • Televisions
  • Small Scale Servers
  • Computer peripherals, including: Computer monitors; electronic keyboards; electronic mice or similar pointing device; fax machines that weigh less than 100 pounds; scanners that weigh less than 100 pounds; printers that weigh less than 100 pounds
  • Small electronic equipment, including: Portable digital music players that have memory capability and are battery-powered; video cassette recorders; DVD players; DVR's; digital converter boxes; cable or satellite receivers; and electronic or video game consoles.
  • Cell Phones
Please call 607-753-5191 with any questions regarding the Electronic Recycling Program, or see the E-Waste Flyer under Useful Documents.

Businesses and Commercial users please make an appointment by calling 607-753-5191.