Criminal Justice Advisory Board

Criminal Justice Advisory Board

Est. by Resolution No. 131-05 under NYS Executive Law Section 261(2).  Two-year terms. Bylaws adopted March 24, 2005. 

The law specifies at least eight of the members must be from following categories: 

  • At least one County Court Judge, appointed by the Administrative Judge for Cortland County
  • City Court Judge, as appointed by the Administrative Judge for Cortland County
  • District Attorney
  • Public Defender
  • Chair Judiciary & Public Safety Committee
  • County Director of Probation
  • County Administrator, or their designee
  • A representative of local police agencies, other than the chief administrative officer, selected by the heads of all such agencies to represent their joint view
  • Representative of a private organization operating within the County who has experience and involvement in alternatives to incarceration programs or pre-trial service programs (BOCES/Jail Transition Coordinator)
  • Chairman County Legislature or their designee
  • Director of Community Services as defined in Section 41.03 of Mental Hygiene Law

Other potential members (not required but may be on Board)

  • Alternatives to Incarceration staff member
  • Representative from Catholic Charities
  • Drug Court Coordinator
  • At least two representatives from local police agencies other than the agency represented in previous listing
  • Sheriff’s Department Jail Administrator
  • Sociologist/Criminologist from one of the local colleges
  • Local town or village justice

Function: This Board studies and identifies needs and recommends effective methods for meeting the needs of the County’s criminal justice system. The Board also prepares and supervises the County’s Alternatives to Incarceration Plan.