Cortland County Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Date Posted Description
10/18/2007Account Clerk
5/9/2008Account Clerk Typist City of Cortland
7/14/2009Account Clerk/Stenographer
9/16/2016Administrative Aide - City of Cortland
11/10/2015Administrative Assistant - City of Cortland
11/12/2013Administrative Services Manager
5/14/2008After School Program Aide PT
10/18/2007Aging Services Aide
12/1/2011Aging Services Coordinator
10/18/2007Aging Services Specialist
10/20/2005Aging Services Worker
5/13/2016Airport Maintenance Worker
3/1/2015Assessor I
1/26/2016Assessor I PT
9/12/2014Assistant Budget Officer
10/14/2009Assistant Code Enforcement Officer
10/18/2007Assistant County Attorney
12/7/2015Assistant Director of Emergency Response and Communications
1/5/2016Assistant Director of Facilities II
10/18/2007Assistant Director of Information Technology
3/20/2014Assistant Director of Patient Services
4/28/2009Assistant District Attorney
9/16/2016Assistant Fire Chief 1
9/16/2016Assistant Fire Chief II
5/14/2008Assistant Heating and Air Cond. Specialist
3/1/2013Assistant Highway Maintenance Supervisor
10/18/2007Assistant Nutrition Program Director
4/28/2009Assistant Public Defender
5/27/2008Assistant Real Property Assessor
10/18/2007Assistant Superintendent of B&G
5/14/2008Assistant Superintendent of B&G Cortland City Schools
10/9/2009Assistant to Building Maintenance Supervisor
5/9/2008Assistant Youth Bureau Director City of Cortland
10/18/2007Associate Psychologist
5/14/2008Audio Video Support Specialist
6/2/2008Audio Visual Aide
5/14/2008Audio Visual Coordinator
5/14/2008Audio/Video Support Specialist
10/18/2007Audit Accounts Payable Specialist
5/19/2008Auto Mechanic for Schools Towns and Villages
9/25/2013Automotive Mechanic Bus Driver
5/9/2008Automotive Mechanic City of Cortland
5/13/2008Automotive Mechanic Schools Towns Villages
5/14/2008B&G Supervisor DeRuyter
5/13/2008B&G Worker Towns and Villages
5/14/2008Before School Program Director PT
5/13/2008Bookkeeper to Supervisor
5/14/2008Braille Transcriber
5/14/2008Building Garage Attendant
5/14/2008Building Maint. Worker Tully
12/12/2012Building Maintenance Foreperson
5/13/2008Building Maintenance Foreperson - Housing Authority
1/2/2014Building Maintenance Mechanic
5/9/2008Building Maintenance Supervisor City of Cortland
12/12/2012Building Maintenance Worker
5/14/2008Building Maintenance Worker Cortland City Schools
9/25/2013Bus Aide
5/14/2008Bus Driver
5/14/2008Bus Driver Garage Attendant
5/14/2008Bus Garage Supervisor
12/12/2012Case Aide
12/12/2012Case Supervisor Grade B
10/18/2007Case Supervisor, Grade A
10/18/2007Cemetery Sexton (PT)
5/14/2008Census Taker
5/20/2016Chief Assistant County Attorney
5/20/2016Chief Assistant District Attorney
5/20/2016Chief Social Services Attorney
6/20/2011Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator - City
5/30/2008Chief Water System Operator City of Cortland
5/9/2008Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Type B Plant City
12/20/2013Child Advocacy Center Coordinator
12/12/2012Civil Deputy
5/21/2008Cleaner Towns Villages & Schools
7/22/2009Clerk City of Cortland
11/23/2015Clerk of the County Legislature
5/14/2008Clerk Schools
10/18/2007Clerk Town of Cortlandville
10/19/2016Clerk Towns and Villages
10/18/2007Clinic Aide
10/20/2005Clinic Coordinator
12/6/2011Clinical Director of Mental Health Programs
6/2/2016Clinical Fellow Speech Language Pathologist
10/20/2005Clinical Team Supervisor
5/27/2008Code Enforcement Officer Towns and Villages
10/18/2007Commissioner of Social Services
7/30/2008Communications Supervisor
5/14/2008Communications Tech
10/18/2007Community Services Coordinator
2/8/2016Community Services Worker
2/1/2012Compliance Officer
10/18/2007Computer Programmer
10/18/2007Computer Support Specialist
5/9/2008Confidential Sec for City Police Dept.
1/7/2013Conflict Attorney
5/19/2008Conservation Aide S&W
7/15/2014Conservation Assistant
5/19/2008Conservation Educator S&W
10/18/2007Continuing Day Treatment Specialist
5/13/2008Cook Housing Authority
10/18/2007Coordinated Services Director-Mental Health
10/18/2007Coordinator of Child Support Enforcement
10/18/2007Correction Captain
3/11/2016Correction Lieutenant
10/18/2007Correction Officer
10/18/2007Correction Sergeant
10/18/2007County Administrator
1/1/2016County Attorney
1/23/2009County Auditor
10/18/2007County Historian
12/12/2012County Police Captain (Deputy Sheriff)
12/12/2012County Police Lieutenant (Deputy Sheriff)
12/12/2012County Police Officer (Deputy Sheriff)
12/12/2012County Police Sergeant (Deputy Sheriff)
10/18/2007Court Attendant
7/22/2009Court Attendant City of Cortland
5/13/2008Court Clerk Towns
10/18/2007Crew Leader
5/14/2008Custodian - Messenger
8/5/2009Custodian (Schools)
5/14/2008Custodian Bus Driver
8/5/2009Custodian II (Cincinnatus School)
8/5/2009Custodian II (Cortland City Schools)
6/6/2013Delinquent Tax Receiver
6/22/2011Deputy Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator - City
7/22/2009Deputy City Clerk City of Cortland
10/20/2005Deputy County Auditor
10/18/2007Deputy County Clerk
3/16/2016Deputy County Superintendent of Highways
10/20/2005Deputy County Treasurer
5/9/2008Deputy Director of Administration and Finance City of Cortland
5/31/2016Deputy Director of Information Technologies
12/7/2015Deputy Personnel Officer
5/9/2008Deputy Police Chief City of Cortland
2/10/2009Deputy Public Health Director
5/9/2008Deputy Superintendent of Public Works City of Cortland
5/28/2008Deputy Town Clerk
5/21/2008Deputy Village Clerk Village of Marathon
12/16/2008Director of Administration and Finance
4/29/2010Director of Administrative Services / Social Services
10/18/2007Director of Administrative Services Mental Health
10/18/2007Director of Alternatives to Incarceration
4/24/2015Director of Budget and Finance
10/18/2007Director of Children With Special Needs
12/5/2011Director of Clinical Operations
10/1/2010Director of Community Mental Health Services
12/7/2015Director of Emergency Response and Communications
10/20/2005Director of Environmental Health
9/3/2013Director of Facilities I
9/3/2013Director of Facilities II
9/3/2013Director of Facilities III
10/18/2007Director of Fire and Emergency Management
10/20/2005Director of Hospice
10/18/2007Director of Information Technologies
10/18/2007Director of Jacobus Center
10/20/2005Director of Patient Services
10/18/2007Director of Planning
8/20/2008Director of Public Health
3/3/2009Director of Real Property Tax Services I
10/1/2015Director of Social Services
10/20/2005Director of Veterans Services
10/20/2005Director of Weights and Measures I
12/1/2011Director, Area Agency on Aging
7/17/2014Dispatch Coordinator
7/16/2014District Manager Soil and Water
5/19/2008Dog Control Officer
10/20/2005Early Intervention Services Coordinator
4/1/2013Early Intervention Specialist
10/18/2007Election Clerk
10/18/2007Election Commissioner
5/21/2008Electric Superintendent Village of Marathon
10/18/2007Employment and Training Director
4/8/2009Employment and Training Special Programs Counselor
10/20/2005Employment and Training Specialist
8/6/2009Engineering Technician
4/13/2011Engineering Technician - City
10/18/2007Equipment Maintenance Mechanic
10/18/2007Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
5/28/2008Executive Secretary
7/25/2016Family Advocate
10/18/2007Family Support Services Director
3/3/2014Finance and Administration Assistant City of Cortland
9/16/2016Fire Captain
9/16/2016Fire Chief
5/9/2008Fire Fighter City of Cortland
5/18/2015Fiscal Manager
10/20/2011Fiscal Officer
9/17/2008Fiscal Officer Trainee
10/18/2007Food Service Helper
7/15/2008Forensic Counselor
10/18/2007GIS Specialist
10/18/2007Grants Administrator
5/14/2008Groundskeeper School Towns and Villages
5/14/2008Head Custodian
5/9/2008Head Lifeguard City of Cortland
10/20/2005Health Educator
10/20/2005Health Services Facilitator
5/14/2008Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist
9/6/2011Heavy Equipment Maintenance Mechanic
3/5/2014Heavy Equipment Maintenance Mechanic (City)
6/15/2016Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
6/15/2016Heavy Equipment Operator
9/25/2013Heavy Equipment Operator Towns and Villages
6/5/2016Highway Construction Mechanic
10/18/2007Highway Crew Leader
10/18/2007Highway Engineering Supervisor
6/15/2016Highway Maintenance Supervisor
6/19/2009Home Care Manager
6/2/2008Housing Project Manager
12/12/2012HVAC Systems Technician
1/26/2009Index Clerk
10/18/2007Information Processing Clerk
10/18/2007Information Systems Administrator
12/11/2008Investigator (District Attorney)
12/11/2008Investigator (Public Defender)
10/18/2007Keyboard Specialist
5/9/2008Keyboard Specialist City of Cortland
7/6/2010Laborer City
5/13/2008Laborer Cortlandville
10/18/2007Landfill Attendant
12/12/2012Landfill Equipment Operator
9/25/2013Landfill Operations Crew Leader
10/18/2007Landfill Operations Supervisor
10/9/2009Leased Housing Coordinator
4/15/2008Library Aide
10/18/2007Licensed Clinical Social Worker
5/15/2009Licensed Master Social Worker
5/28/2008Licensed Practical Nurse (Schools)
5/28/2008LifeGuard City of Cortland
5/21/2008Lineman Village of Marathon
2/24/2015Maintenance Mechanic - Cortland Housing Authority
5/9/2008Maintenance Mechanic City of Cortland
10/20/2005Medical Advisor
1/20/2008Medical Director
2/1/2012Medical Director/Psychiatrist
10/19/2010Medical Records Administrator
10/18/2007Medical Services Clerk
10/18/2007Mental Health Intensive Case Manager
10/22/2010Mental Health Practitioner
10/18/2007Mental Health Program Aide
10/19/2010Mental Health Program Director
10/18/2007Mental Health Service Coordinator
10/18/2007Motor Equipment Fleet Supervisor
6/1/2016Motor Equipment Operator
3/16/2015Motor Equipment Operator (Heavy) City of Cortland
3/16/2015Motor Equipment Operator (Light) City of Cortland
7/6/2010Motor Equipment Operator Light City
7/6/2010Motor Equipment Operator Mechanic City
5/19/2008Motor Equipment Operator Towns & Villages (Cortland County)
5/21/2008Motor Equipment Operator Towns and Villages
5/19/2008Motor Equipment Operator/Mechanic Towns and Villages
10/18/2007Motor Vehicle Clerk
11/19/2008Motor Vehicle Director
5/19/2008Natural Resource Conservationist I S&W
7/16/2014Natural Resource Conservationist Soil and Water
6/21/2016Natural Resource Program Specialist Soil & Water
5/28/2008Network Administrator
10/18/2007Network Technician
9/7/2011Nurse Practitioner
10/18/2007Nutrition Program Director
2/8/2016Nutrition Program Supervisor
10/20/2005Occupational Therapist
9/11/2012Office Manager
10/18/2007Paralegal Assistant
5/2/2013Park Attendant
5/28/2008Parking Enforcement Officer City of Cortland
6/1/2016Parts Chaser
10/20/2005Pastoral Care Coordinator
5/9/2008Payroll Clerk City of Cortland
7/28/2010Payroll Coordinator
5/14/2008PC Support Specialist
1/30/2014Personal Health Care Aide
5/14/2008Personnel Coordinator
10/18/2007Personnel Officer
10/18/2007Personnel Specialist
10/18/2007Personnel Technician
9/22/2016Personnel Technician Trainee
10/20/2005Physical Therapist
7/24/2015Plan Administrator
10/18/2007Planner Trainee
5/29/2008Plumbing Insp./Code Enforcement Off. City of Cortland
11/19/2015Police Chief - Village of Homer
5/9/2008Police Chief City of Cortland
5/9/2008Police Lt. City of Cortland
5/19/2008Police Officer (PT) Village of McGraw
5/9/2008Police Officer City of Cortland
5/9/2008Police Sergeant City of Cortland
10/18/2007Principal Account Clerk
10/18/2007Principal Engineer
10/18/2007Principal Medical Services Clerk
10/18/2007Probation Assistant
10/18/2007Probation Director II
10/18/2007Probation Officer
10/18/2007Probation Officer Trainee
10/18/2007Probation Supervisor
1/1/2004Program Director-Continuing Day Treatment
1/17/2012Public Defender
10/20/2005Public Health Educator
3/19/2012Public Health Engineer
10/20/2005Public Health Hospital Coordinator
10/20/2005Public Health Nurse
12/15/2011Public Health Programs Manager
10/18/2007Public Health Projects Assistant
10/20/2005Public Health Sanitarian
10/20/2005Public Health Sanitarian Trainee
10/20/2005Public Health Social Worker
10/20/2005Public Health Technician
5/14/2008Public Information Spec
3/30/2009Public Safety Electrician
5/29/2008Public Works Supervisor City
10/18/2007Real Property Assessor
10/18/2007Real Property Information Specialist
7/22/2009Recreation Attendant City of Cortland
10/23/2012Recreation Director Cortand County Towns and Villages
6/2/2016Recreation Leader Towns & Villages
5/9/2008Recreation Maintenance Supervisor City of Cortland
5/9/2008Recreation Maintenance Worker City of Cortland
6/2/2016Recreation Specialist - City Youth Bureau
8/13/2015Recreation Supervisor
10/18/2007Recycling Attendant
12/12/2012Recycling Crew Leader
10/18/2007Recycling Equipment Operator
5/19/2008Recycling Transfer Station Attendant
6/19/2009Registered Professional Nurse
2/26/2016Safety and Code Officer
5/29/2008Sanitary Laboratory Technician City
2/8/2012School Business Executive II
7/22/2009School Crossing Guard City of Cortland Village McGraw, Village of Marathon
3/1/2011School District Treasurer
3/18/2015School District Treasurer Cortland Schools
5/14/2008School Lunch Cashier
5/14/2008School Monitor
8/8/2012School Payroll Clerk
5/14/2008School Transportation Supervisor
8/24/2010School-to-Work Coordinator
10/18/2007Seasonal Aide
10/18/2007Secretary I
10/18/2007Secretary II
10/18/2007Secretary To County Attorney
10/18/2007Secretary to District Attorney
10/18/2007Secretary To Sheriff
3/5/2014Secretary to the Chief of Police (Village of Homer)
11/8/2010Secretary to the Commissioner of Social Services
9/15/2014Secretary to the County Administrator
7/24/2015Secretary to the Plan Administrator
5/29/2008Secretary Town Supervisor Cortlandville
5/19/2008Secretary Treasurer of the Board S&W
10/18/2007Senior Account Clerk
7/22/2009Senior Account Clerk/Typist
10/18/2007Senior Case Aide
12/12/2012Senior Caseworker
10/20/2005Senior Citizen Center Manager
1/31/2011Senior Cleaner
10/18/2007Senior Clerk
10/18/2007Senior Clinical Aide
10/18/2007Senior Cook
12/20/2013Senior Dispatcher
10/18/2007Senior Election Clerk
10/18/2007Senior Engineer
10/18/2007Senior Engineering Technician
10/18/2007Senior Index Clerk
5/9/2008Senior Keyboard Specialist City of Cortland
10/9/2009Senior Leased Housing Coordinator
5/14/2009Senior Medical Services Clerk
11/19/2008Senior Motor Vehicle Clerk
5/29/2008Senior Planner
10/18/2007Senior Probation Officer
7/15/2008Senior Social Services Investigator
12/18/2012Senior Social Welfare Examiner
10/18/2007Senior Support Investigator
9/25/2013Sewer Heavy Equipment Operator Towns and Villages
11/14/2012Sewer Heavy Equipment Operator City of Cortland
5/29/2008Sheriff's Record Clerk
11/6/2009Sign Technician
10/18/2007Social Services Attorney
12/12/2012Social Services Investigator
5/29/2008Social Services Prog. Specialist
10/18/2007Social Welfare Examiner
10/18/2007Social Welfare Examiner Trainee
10/1/2015Social Welfare Manager
5/9/2008Software Consultant City of Cortland
10/20/2005Speech Language Pathologist
5/14/2008Sr. Keyboard Spec City of Cortland Schools, Towns and Villages
10/18/2007Staff Developmet Coordinator
4/5/2011Staff Psychiatrist
10/18/2007Staff Social Worker
5/19/2008Stormwater Management Coord S&W
5/19/2008Stormwater Management Specialist S&W
10/18/2007Stormwater Training Coordinator
5/14/2008Super of B&G for Homer School District
5/14/2008Superintendent Water and Sewer Towns and Villages
5/19/2008Superintendent Highway Town and Village
5/14/2008Superintendent of B&G Schools (except Homer SD)
10/18/2007Superintendent of Building & Grounds
12/12/2012Superintendent of Highways
7/22/2009Superintendent of Public Safety
5/19/2008Superintendent of Public Works Villages
5/9/2008Superintendent of Public Works City of Cortland
3/13/2012Supervising Community Health Nurse
5/15/2009Supervising Early Intervention Services Coordinator
10/20/2005Supervising Public Health Educator
10/20/2005Supervising Public Health Nurse
10/24/2011Supervising Public Health Sanitarian
4/1/2015Supervisor, Solid Waste Management
10/18/2007Support Investigator
5/14/2008Supt. B&G Schools (except Homer SD)
5/14/2008System Consultant
7/22/2009Systems Administrator City of Cortland
10/18/2007Tax Map Technician
5/14/2008Teacher Aide II
6/2/2008Teacher Aide
5/14/2008Telephone Operator
10/9/2009Tenant Relations Assistant
5/28/2008Town Engineer Cortlandville
5/13/2008Town Historian
5/14/2008Transportation Assistant
6/18/2014Veterans Services Counselor
5/21/2008Village Attorney
5/21/2008Village Historian
5/1/2013Village Police Chief
5/14/2008Village Police Sergeant
5/21/2008Village Treasurer
5/9/2008Volunteer Coordinator City of Cortland
10/18/2007Volunteer Coordinator Office Manager
10/18/2007Volunteer Program Assistant
10/18/2007Wade Pool Attendant
5/9/2008Wade Pool Attendant City of Cortland
6/22/2011Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Mechanic - City
8/3/2011Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I - City
8/3/2011Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator II - City
4/11/2011Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee - City
10/18/2007Watch Person
8/5/2008Water & Wastewater Maintenance Worker (Village of McGraw)
5/9/2008Water Distribution Maintenance Supervisor City of Cortland
2/25/2015Water Distribution Maintenance Worker City of Cortland
9/25/2013Water Maintenance Worker Town of Cincinnatus and Scott
3/13/2012Water Quality Specialist Soil and Water
9/25/2013Water Superintendent Towns and Villages
5/9/2008Water Treatment Plant Operator Type B Plant City of Cortland
5/9/2008Water Treatment Plant ETC City of Cortland
5/9/2008Water Treatment Plant Operator Trainee City of Cortland
5/22/2008Water Wastewater Maintenance Worker Village of Marathon
5/30/2008Watermeter Servicer BF Coord. City of Cortland
10/18/2007Weigh Scale Operator
4/30/2012Welfare Management Systems Specialist
12/12/2012Work Experience Program Supervisor
5/21/2008Working Foreperson (Highway) Village of McGraw
5/9/2008WW Treat Op BF Tester Type B Plant City
3/4/2016WWTP Instrumentation Technician
10/18/2007Youth Bureau Director
7/22/2009Youth Bureau Director City of Cortland
1/14/2015Youth Services Director
7/31/2004Youth Services Specialist
5/9/2008Youth Services Supervisor City
12/9/2009Zoning Officer
5/13/2008Zoning Officer Towns and Villages

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