Cortland County Job Announcement Listing

Effective July 1, 2009, applicants must submit a transcript if applying for a vacancy or exam that requires a college degree or a specific number of credit hours.

Date Posted Description
9/22/2016Personnel Technician Trainee
9/1/2016Licensed Master Social Worker
8/10/2016Community Services Worker (3 positions) Amended
8/1/2013Driver (per diem)
10/12/2016Chief Social Services Attorney (Amended 10/12/16)
4/15/2015Correction Officer (Part-time)
7/19/2016Highway Construction Mechanic
8/8/2016Food Service Helper (15hrs/wk)
4/5/2011Staff Psychiatrist-PT
9/12/2016Physical Therapist (per diem)
10/13/2015Nurse Practitioner
9/19/2016Senior Dispatcher
7/26/2005Physical Therapist - CONTRACTUAL POSITION
3/9/2015Call Taker (12 hours week)
9/23/2016Fiscal Officer
9/27/2016Aging Services Worker (temporary)
9/12/2016Public Health Educator
9/15/2016Senior Social Welfare Examiner

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