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What you should know about Head Lice

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Do I Have Head Lice? How Do I Know For Sure?

Head lice can make your head itch. Head lice crawl away from light. Head lice move very fast.

Head lice eggs are called Nits. Nits are very small and don't move. Nits stick to the hair, so they arc easier to find.

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You will need to use a nit comb. You can get a nit comb from Even Start--call 758-5300.

To find head lice or nits, you need bright light or sunlight.wpeD.gif (1408 bytes)

Use a nit comb to comb through hair. Start looking at the back of the neck and behind the ears. Check all the hairs from roots to ends.

wpeD.gif (1408 bytes)Have another adult check your head. If you have to check your own head, spread a white cloth over a table or sink. Comb your hair with a nit comb. Check the comb and cloth to see if there are any head lice or nits on them.

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If you are not sure if you found lice or nits, ask a school nurse or a doctor.



What Do I do if I find Head Lice or Nits?

1 Check the heads of everyone that lives in the house. Check the heads of anyone you see often.

2 if you find head lice or nits on someone's head, they must wash their hair with a head lice shampoo or creme rinse right away If you do not find head lice or nits on someone's head, they should not use lice shampoo.wpeD.gif (1408 bytes)

If your child has asthma or allergies, ask a doctor immediately how to treat the child.

3. Use a head lice shampoo or creme rinse that has the word permethrin or pyrethrin in the list of ingredients. Before you use the product, you need a clock or watch, clean towels, a regular comb and a nit comb, tissues, and hair clips.


4 Use the head lice shampoo on dry hair-- do not wet the hair. Cover the scalp and hair with the shampoo. Leave it on for exactly 10 minutes.wpeD.gif (1408 bytes)

( If you use a head lice creme rinse, wash hair first with a regular shampoo, then cover scalp and hair with the cream rinse. Leave it on for exactly 10 minutes. Do not get shampoo or creme  rinse in eyes, nose, or mouth. )

5. After 10 minutes, add water and work head lice shampoo into a lather.

6. Rinse head well with warm water. Do not apply conditioner or vinegar.

7. Blot hair with a clean, dry towel. Comb through damp hair with a regular comb.wpeD.gif (1408 bytes)

8. Use a nit comb and comb through damp hair to remove nits. Removing nits is the best way to get rid of head lice.
Put the teeth of the nit comb as close to the scalp as possible, then comb from scalp to end of hair. Wipe the nit comb with a tissue after combing through each section to remove nits and ice. Repeat this step until all hair has been combed.

9. When you are done combing hair with the nit comb, rinse hair with water. When hair is dry, check the head again for lice and nits. Remove them with the nit comb.

After 10 days, repeat all steps (1-9) to kill any newly hatched nits before they can lay eggs.

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Head Lice crawl- they don't jump.

Anyone can get head lice.

Removing nits is the best way to get rid of Head Lice.

Use a nit comb and comb through all hairs

Ask a doctor or a nurse if you have any questions about using head lice shampoos

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You should know:

You do not have to put things in Plastic Bags or vacuum or wash clothes to get rid of head lice. However, regular house cleaning is important for good health.

Do not use kerosene (lamp oil), pet shampoo, flea sprays or powders or other pesticides. These items are dangerous to humans.wpeD.gif (1408 bytes)

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Do not use a a hair dryer to kill head lice. This can cause burns.

The FDA has put out a warning about using head lice treatments that contain the ingredient Lindane. Ask a doctor or nurse before using these products.

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