Cortland County Foster Care Program  


Cortland County is fortunate to have a fine group of families working together to help children and families through the difficult journey of foster care.  Though you are not told enough…what you do makes a difference.  Your willingness to open your homes and share your families with those in need requires an immeasurable amount of patience and understanding, and sometimes, heartbreak. 

Thank you for all that you do.


Helpful Resources

Downloadable Forms:

*    Physical Examination Form (Word Doc fill in at computer)

*   Foster Parent Medical Form (Word Doc fill in at computer)  

*   Re-certification

*    Clothing Sheet

*    Online Voucher Form

*    Foster Parent Check List

*    Health Care Appointment Grid (Word)

*    Health Care Appointment Grid (PDF)

*    Mileage Sheet (Word) (PDF)

*    Daycare Sheet (Word) (PDF)


About the Foster Care/Preventive/CPS Units

Head Lice Awareness              

Office of Children & Family Services ( )