Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for a house number?
When you call to obtain a house number, if possible, please have the following information ready:
- Current Owner's Name or Person Calling
- Address of Home (including the Town)
- Previous Owner's Name
- Tax Map Number
- Which side of the road the property is on (N/S/E/W)?
- Do you know the closest house number to the property and the owner's

What type of building requirements are needed when building a house?
Contact your code enforcement officer for details.

Call your local municipality to find out who your local code enforcement officer is:

City of Cortland 753-0872
Town of Cincinnatus 863-4220
Town of Cortlandville 756-4659
Town of Cuyler 842-6335
Town of Freetown 849-6372
Town of Harford 844-9908
Town of Homer 749-3364
Village of Homer 749-3322
Town of Lapeer 849-3808
Town of Marathon 849-3455
Village of Marathon 849-3812
Village of McGraw 836-6294
Town of Preble 749-3199
Town of Scott 749-7907
Town of Solon 836-6246
Town of Taylor 863-3716
Town of Truxton 842-6357
Town of Virgil 835-6174
Town of Willet 863-4877

When are Cortland County Planning Board meetings held? How can I get an agenda?
Cortland County Planning Board meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month. To obtain a copy of the agenda, contact the Cortland County Planning Department at (607) 753-5043.

Who do I need to contact when I put in a water or septic system?
You need to contact the Environmental Health Department at 753-5035.

How do I find out if my property is in a floodzone?
Contact the Cortland County Planning Department with your address or tax map number available and they will assist you.

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