Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a system involving several elements: geographic data, trained personnel, computer hardware and software. These entities, when used together, can provide answers to spatial questions.

The Planning Department houses the main GIS for the County. The Department also sponsors a GIS Focus Group to assist and inform other GIS users within the county of GIS functions.

The Planning Department's GIS uses publicly available data such as TIGER and digital orthophotos. The Department also creates some data in-house, including Zoning Districts
and building footprints.

In general, GIS is a powerful tool used by the Planning Department to make informed decisions and provide answers to spatial Planning-related questions.

Links to examples of GIS maps:

The Focus Group meets the first Monday of every month (if that Monday is a holiday, they meet the following Monday), in the BDC-IDA conference room. The public is welcome, for more information call (607) 753-5043.

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