Meeting Minutes 

Personnel Committee

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Personnel Committee – Not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) members who shall oversee: Personnel/Civil Service Office, County Attorney, Board of Elections and the Legislature. The committee shall also oversee all insurance coverage carried with and by Cortland County and shall recommend such revisions in insurance policies or program coverage as may be necessary to provide for and protect the best interest of the County.  The committee shall have general supervision of the management of the County Self Insurance Plan adopted by the County Legislature pursuant to Local Law No. 1 for year 1 1956.  All matters concerning operation and revision of these Rules shall be referred to the Committee.  The Committee shall examine and recommend to the full Legislature  policies and actions necessary to oversee the County’s overall personnel administration.

George Wagner, Chair

Sandy Price, Vice Chair

Luke Snyder

Richard Bushnell

John Troy

Kevin Whitney

Raylynn Knolls