Meeting Minutes 

Judiciary & Public Safety Committee

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Judiciary and Public Safety – Not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) members who shall oversee: The District Attorney, Coroners, Public Defender, Sheriff’s Department including the     Jail, Enhanced 911 (E911) Center, and Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated (STOP-DWI), Probation Department, Office of Emergency Management, Weights & Measures, County Clerk and Alternatives to Incarceration.

The committee shall also oversee the following organizations in their interactions with the County: The Supreme Court, County Court, Family Court, Surrogate’s Court, County Clerk’s   function as Clerk of the Court, County Commissioner of Jurors, Justices and Constables, Supreme Court Library, Grand Jury, and the Traffic Safety Board.


The committee shall also oversee maintenance operation of the Jail, Public Safety Building, and Towers.  The cleaning and maintenance of the above complexes shall be under the direction of the Sheriff’s Department, with the exception of utilities, outside maintenance, and existing contracts (e.g. elevators, furnaces, natural gas contracts).


Richard Bushnell, Chair
Kevin Whitney, Vice Chair

Mary Ann Discenza

Joseph Steinhoff

George Wagner

Gordon Wheelock

Luke Snyder