Meeting Minutes 

Budget & Finance Committee

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Budget & Finance Seven (7) members to which all budgetary requests, including but not limited to, creation of new positions and setting of tentative salaries, shall be referred. The Committee shall review the tentative budget filed by the County Administrator/Budget Officer and shall consider and recommend appropriations required for all purposes and prepare and report the annual estimates for the tax levy.

The Committee shall oversee: The County Treasurer, the County Administrator, the County Auditor, the Department of Real Property Tax Services, occupancy tax, contracts with accountants, Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3), tuition charge backs, and all agencies/organizations receiving occupancy tax funding. The Budget & Finance Committee shall serve as the Audit Committee.

Kevin Whitney, Chair

Mary Ann Discenza, Vice Chair

Sandra Price

Linda Jones

John Troy

Joseph Steinhoff

George Wagner