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Agriculture & Planning Committee

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Agriculture & Planning Not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7)    members who shall oversee: County Planning Department, Central New York Regional Planning Board, County Planning Board, the Southern Tier East Regional Planning and Development Board, and Water Quality Management Agency, Soil and Water Conservation District, Cooperative Extension, Camp Owahta, Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA), Linear   Park, Lime Hollow Nature Center, Environmental Management Council, Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board, related Consumer Affairs, Forest Practice Board, and Transit, and shall be responsible for considering all proposals to improve public transportation in  the County, including improvements of the State, as opposed to County and Town Highway systems, and develop and oversee such public transportation systems as the Legislature directs.

Jim Denkenberger, Chair

Sandy Price, Vice Chair

Raylynn Knolls

Amy Cobb

Christopher Newell