Cortland County Highway Department


Cortland County Highway Department employees are committed to maintaining the county road system in a travel safe condition.

There is a dead animal on my road! Who do I call?

The policy on dead animal removal encompasses only animals that obstruct traffic and are a hazard to the motoring public. For example, a dead deer in the center of a lane would be removed; a dead skunk in the center of the lane would not.

How do I reserve a pavilion at Dwyer Park?

Contact the County Highway Department at 607-753-9377 for information on Dwyer Park. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why are you cutting down the trees on the side of the road/edge of my lawn?

Trees in the county highway right-of-way that are dead, dying or impeding visibility will be removed to protect the safety of the traveling public.

Why do these roads keep falling apart?

Like a building, a road is a structure that needs maintenance and repair. In our climate, water damage, freeze-thaw cycles and frost cause damage to the road surface in the form of cracks, broken pavement, and rough rides. Cortland County uses new materials and techniques of road reconstruction and surfacing to prolong the life of roads and bridges, and tries to perform maintenance more frequently to avoid costly replacement.

How do you decide which projects to undertake?

This process is based on "transportation need" which takes into account factors such as a poor surface condition, high-accident location, a bridge deemed unsafe, roads with poor bases or inadequate drainage systems, or heavily trafficked roads.