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Philip T. Krey, P.E. - Superintendent of Highways

James Morse Jr. - Deputy Superintendent of Highways


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RFP for Lease of Main Hangar M-1 to provide an Aviation Flight School

2016 Metal Object Removal Bid

Painting Traffic Lines

Handling, Transportation, and Safe Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste

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2016 Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Bid Results

2016 Material and Service Bid Results

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The Cortland County Highway Department, a full-service agency,

is responsible for:



Roads: All aspects of design, construction and maintenance in the 247 mile county road system. An additional 110 miles of state roads are maintained in the winter.

Road Construction Schedule

Road Data

Winter Season FAQS

Summertime FAQS


Construction and maintenance activities within the County Highway Right of Way Section 136 of the Highway Law of NY State requires that all work conducted within the County Highway Right of Way shall be as permitted by the County Highway Superintendent. If you have a proposed project that is partially, or wholly within the County Highway Right of Way (normally 49’ – 6” wide and centered on the roadway), you must first obtain a Section 136 Permit signed by the County Highway Superintendent. Typical activities that require Section 136 permit issuance are as follows:

ØPublic or Private Utility installation or maintenance.

ØNew or existing driveway construction, reconstruction, paving or culvert work.

ØNew Public or Private Roads intersecting any County Highway .

ØInstallation of signs.

ØInstallation of fences or any other items that are deemed to be an obstruction, or a hazard to vehicular traffic.

ØAny modification of County Highway ditches, swales, curbing, culvert pipes, drop inlets, or other drainage structures.

For any new driveway entrance proposed on a County Road , the applicant shall be responsible for purchasing any required culvert pipe and sloped end sections. The culvert pipe size, type, and length shall be as specified by the Highway Superintendent. The County Highway Department shall install all new driveway culvert pipes. The County Highway Department shall then be responsible for all costs associated with maintenance or replacement of the driveway culvert. The applicant shall then be responsible for all costs associated with maintenance of the driveway’s driving surface.

All new driveway entrances shall meet the requirements shown on the following drawing:



For any underground utility lines proposed to be placed across and under a County Highway including, but not limited to electric power, natural gas, communications, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, the lines shall be installed by underground Directional Boring or Mechanical “Push” methods so as not to disturb the pavement structure of the road. The installation of these types of  crossings shall conform to the following drawing:


To receive a permit for any proposed work, you must first submit a Section 136 Permit application form to the County Highway Superintendent, along with any insurance certificates that may be required by the County of Cortland . The Superintendent will then review the proposed work, and may issue a permit. After initial review, the Superintendent may require detailed plans be submitted for the proposed work prior to issuing a permit. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to submit any plans required by the Superintendent.

The Section 136 Permit application form can be mailed to the Superintendent at the following mailing address:


Cortland County Highway Department

60 Central Avenue

Cortland , NY 13045

Attn: Section 136 Permit


Click the following link to view and print the Section 136 Permit Application Form:

 Section 136 Permit Application Form

If an insurance policy and certificate is required, it shall meet the following minimum requirements:

Cortland County Insurance Requirements



Bridges and Large Culverts: Oversees construction, maintenance and repair of 64 bridges and115 Large Culverts on county, town and village roads.




Airport: Oversees operations at Chase Field Airport on Route 222, one mile W of the city of Cortland. This general aviation airport offers 35  T hangars, 3 main hangers and 30 tie downs on asphalt available.

2016 Master Plan Update Presentation

Cortland County Airport - Chase Field Information

Airport History

Cortland County Airport Weather Conditions (METAR)

Weather History Log

Runway 6-24 Obstruction Mitigation Project





Dwyer Memorial Park: Located at the north end of Little York Lake, this 55-acre park offers picnicking facilities from April through September. Three shelters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis   A softball field, horseshoe pits, boating facilities and children's play areas combine with nature trails for recreation and relaxation. The Cortland Antique Auto Show is a perennial favorite. The pavilion offers facilities for weddings, clambakes and social gatherings. Telephone the Highway Department @ 607-753-9377 for reservations. 


Fireworks are scheduled each year for July 3rd , call 607-756-2814 for rain date.  The parking fee on the parks grounds for the day is $5.00

In the upper story of the pavilion is found the Cortland Repertory Theater, performing fine theater from June through August (Box Office 607-753-6161).

Dwyer Park History

Cortland County Highway performs a large share of work in-house, including surveying, engineering, road and bridge reconstruction, patching, signing, striping, ditching, cutting trees and brush, grading, roadside mowing, and guide rail installation. Work by contract includes in-place recycling, paving, base stabilization, asphalt milling, trenched underdrain and all federally-funded road and bridge projects.

Cortland County Highway Department employs 51 full-time employees including administrative, clerical, engineering, motor equipment operators, heavy equipment operators, laborers, machinery shop, maintenance and repair shop, sign shop, and carpenter shop employees. The Highway Department also employs Park Attendants Seasonal Aides from May to October.

The County Highway Engineering Division prepares county road and bridge construction plans and provides information on right-of-way, mapping and negotiations with property owners. Upon request, the engineering division provides engineering advice and assistance to the fifteen town and three village highway departments within the county. The engineering division is charged with administering the locally administered Federal Aid Program for roads and bridges. The engineering department also inspects County roads, culverts and facilities. NYSDOT performs all publicly-owned Bridge inspections. The engineering division, maintains all engineering-related data and records such as road surface scores, culvert conditions, bridge inspection records, right-of-way maps and deeds, roadside hazards, guide rail, road striping data, and Section 136 Permits.




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