What can I expect when I am the subject of a Child Protective Report?
The assigned CPS caseworker is required to initiate an investigation within 24 hours. You can expect a telephone call or home visit from the assigned CPS caseworker within that time. The CPS caseworker will need to interview you and all other members of your home including the maltreated child(ren), all other children living or frequenting your household, all biological parents, and others who have information about your family which would assist the caseworker in completing the investigation. The CPS caseworker is also required to make a visit to your home. The Department has 60 days to complete the investigation. During that time the CPS caseworker will complete an assessment of needed services for you and your family. You may be referred to community services or preventive services that the Department offers. In cases where children are unsafe or the risk that children will be unsafe is high, court action may be taken. This could include a court order for preventive services or in the most serious cases, a court order that places the children with alternative caretakers that could include a suitable relative or foster care.
If there is some credible evidence found to support the allegations of the report, then we indicate the report. An indicated report will stay on file in the system until the youngest child in the household is 28 years of age.
If there is no credible evidence to support the allegations in a report, then the report is designated unfounded and is sealed and retained for 10 years after receipt of the report.

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2. What can I expect when I am the subject of a Child Protective Report?
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