Office of Budget & Finance


60 Central Avenue, Cortland, NY  13045

Phone:  (607) 758-5587  FAX:  (607) 758-5512

Peggy L. Mousaw, CMFO

Director of Budget & Finance




Ms. Mousaw is the Director of Budget & Finance, and oversees the fiscal and administrative

responsibility of assisting the Cortland County Legislature in implementation of the mission of County Government.

Peggy was appointed by the County Legislature April 23, 2015 to prepare, submit, and administer the County’s

operation and capital budgets. The Director of Budget & Finance also has responsibility for the administration

of County government under the administrative direction of the Chairman of the Legislature and

the general direction of the County Legislature.

County Finance Information


2016 County Budget

2016 Constitutional Tax Limit/Property Tax Cap/Tax Freeze (Revised)

2016 Constitutional Tax Limit

2016 Property Tax Cap/Tax Freeze

2012 Independent Audit - Bonadio

2013 Independent Audit - Bonadio

2014 Independent Audit - Bonadio

2015 Independent Audit - Bonadio

2014 Filed AUD

2015 Filed AUD

Current Sales/Occupancy Tax Resolution for 260-15

Occupancy Tax Form

Local Law 2 of 2016 - Related to Mutual Self-Insurance for Worker's Compensation

Cortland Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation Audits



2015 County Budget

2013 Financial Statements





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