Fire Service Cancer Reduction Decontamination

Course Prerequisites


Student Prerequisites for admission into course

Training Authorization Letter


Designed for

Fire  & EMS Service Personnel

Course Length

1 Unit - 2 Hours

Occupational Cancer due to firefighting is a silent killer. firefighter face a 9% increase in cancer diagnoses and a 14% increase in cancer related deaths. Unlike many tragic events that take firefighters lives, many firefighters are dying due to firefighting related cancers. Unfortunately, many of these deaths often go unnoticed. Learn how to take steps to help prevent these deaths from occurring.

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control has announced a major initiative to help protect its staff, New York State's firefighters and their families from the occupational threat of cancer. This training session will teach you how to:
  • Reduce the levels of contamination after firefighting operations or training.
  • Recognize the spread of contamination.
  • Recognize the signs of cancer.
  • Understand the importance of annual physicals and what the health care provider should know about firefighter' occupational risks.
  • Learn how to preform post fire gross decontamination.
  • steps to prevent cross contamination to protect yourself and your family and friends.