B.E.F.O. Bridge to I.F.O - Summer

Please be certain to review and complete the mandatory forms to the right.

Course Prerequisites

BEFO prior to September 2016

Student Prerequisites for admission into course

1 IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting and Fire Department Operations, 6th edition.

1 set of accountability of tags.

1 signed training authorization form (students ages 16 & 17 must have parent or legal guardians sign form as well) with proof of  physical.

Signed candidate agreement.

1 complete set of turnout gear.

1 approved SCBA with spare cylinder.

1 personal utility / life safety rope.

1 32-ounce sports drink.

Designed for

Fire Service Personnel

Special Notes for Student Attire – NO EXCEPTIONS Allowed

No shorts, open toed shoes, sleeveless t-shirts and no body piercings for hands on evolutions – applies to all students.

In order to register for the current Interior Fire Operations Course (I.F.O) a firefighter must have taken BEFO Version September 2016 or newer. If the firefighter has taken BEFO prior to September 2016 the firefighter must attend a few days of the current BEFO. Those dates are listed to the below.