Temporary Assistance / Employment

The Temporary Assistance (TA) Unit works to provide financial assistance to families and individuals while helping them move toward self- sufficiency and personal responsibility. Recipients of TA receive money for:

  • Basic living expenses
  • SNAP benefits (if eligible)
  • Medicaid

Eligibility for TA is based on the household’s gross income, resources, and household composition.  The individuals who are exempt from working or have limitations due to an impairment are expected to participate in work-related activities as determined by the treating physician and/or therapist, which will help the individual to move towards self-sufficiency such as: rehabilitation, individual therapy, physical therapy, etc. 

Need additional information or have a question regarding Temporary Assistance? Please feel free to call 607-756-3426 and leave a message, our office will contact you as soon as possible. If you have an immediate emergency situation, please visit the Department of Social Services located at 60 Central Ave, Cortland.

The Cortland County Department of Social Services is pleased to inform Cortland County residents that a free mobile device application, called NYDocSubmit, is available for individuals to use to submit necessary documents at any time. NyDocSubmit is a mobile app that provides individuals who have applied for, or are receiving Temporary Assistance, SNAP, Medicaid, or HEAP, the ability to simply and quickly submit required documentation.  The mobile app is available for download on Google Play or the Apple App Store and can be used to take photos of documents and upload them to Cortland County DSS. Cortland DSS would also like to remind individuals that the www.mybenefits.ny.gov website offers screening tools for Temporary Assistance and e-filing options for SNAP and HEAP.

There are two emergency cash assistance programs available:

Emergency Aid For Families (EAF)
Provides emergency assistance to households with a dependent child who are ineligible to receive on-going TA benefits. The household must meet an income and resource test.

Emergency Aid to Adults (EAA)
Provides emergency assistance to adults in receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 

In order to receive TA, adult individuals must engage in employment and/or assigned work related activities. The Employment Unit works with Temporary Assistance recipients in an effort to help them prepare for and seek employment. The services provided can take the form of referrals, child care, transportation, and other supportive services, in an effort to enable these individuals to become self-sufficient. More information about searching for employment can be found at the Cortland Works Career Center, 99 Main Street, Cortland or at 

The www.mybenefits.ny.gov website offers screening tools for eligibility for Temporary Assistance and other programs.

The non-parent caregivers (adults caring for children who are not their own in their home) may be eligible for certain benefits. Please refer to the attached link for details: /DocumentCenter/View/6889/Non-Parent-Caregiver-Benefits

If you think your benefits have been stolen through electronic means such as skimming please refer to this link:

EBT Scam Alert | OTDA (ny.gov)

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