Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The 2021-2022 HEAP Season is set to open on 10/1/21!

                  You do not need to come into our office to file an application! 

A regular HEAP application can be made quickest and easiest online at www.mybenefits.ny.gov.  If you do not have internet access, please call us at 607-428-5400 and we can mail an application to you.

Regular HEAP (opens on 10/1/21 and projected until 3/15/22)

  • Eligibility for HEAP is based on income and your housing situation. Individuals must either pay directly for heating costs or pay rent that includes heating costs. This is typically a single benefit available during the program year. We can only accept applications during the HEAP season.

  • If you are in receipt of Temporary Assistance or SNAP, you will generally receive your regular HEAP benefit automatically. Please call us at 607-428-5400 if you have questions.

HEAP Emergencies (opens on 1/3/22 and projected until 3/15/22)

If you have a fuel emergency such as a power shutoff or less than ¼ tank of fuel, you can apply for Emergency HEAP over the phone by calling our office at 607-428-5400. We return calls within 24 hours.  If you cannot wait, please come in for emergency help. You need to be eligible for regular HEAP.  If you have not yet applied for regular HEAP, please do so through www.mybenefits.ny.gov. 

Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement

This program is available to help low income homeowners repair or replace heating equipment to ensure it is functional.  The homeowner must reside in the home receiving the benefit.  If you are without heat, you will need to come in and complete an application so that you can be seen that day.  Otherwise, you can call us at 607-428-5400 and an application can be mailed to you.

Guarantee Letters

If you need a guarantee letter from DSS, guaranteeing that a HEAP payment will be going out to the vendor to ensure that they will make a fuel delivery, you do not need to come into our office.   Call us at 607-428-5400 and we can issue the guarantee letter to the vendor. 

Individuals Over the Age of 60 

Individuals who are age 60 or over, disabled or in receipt of Coda A SSI may contact the Cortland County Area Agency on Aging at 607-753-5060 to receive an application and apply by mail. If you have an immediate heating emergency, you can still come into the agency for assistance. You will need to provide: a utility bill, proof of emergency, verification of tenant of record, proof of gross income for everyone in the household, ID for all household members, and current resources. Please call 7607-53-5060 with questions.

Submitting Required Documentation Electronically!

Don’t make a trip back into the office to bring in the documentation you need to submit.  There is a free mobile device app, NYDocSubmit, which can be used to submit them electronically.  Please visit https://www.cortland-co.org/DocumentCenter/View/7997/NYDocSubmit---Quick-Reference-Card

For detailed information on all HEAP programs please visit our website at http://www.cortland-co.org/687/Home-Energy-Assistance-Program-HEAP

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