Firefighter Assist & Search Team (F.A.S.T)

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Course Prerequisites

Firefighter 1S or equivalent & Firefighter Survival

Student Prerequisites for admission into course

1 set of accountability of tags, signed training authorization form (students ages 16 & 17 must have parent or legal guardians sign form as well), complete set of turnout gear, approved SCBA with spare cylinder and personal utility / life safety rope and a 32-ounce sports drink.


Designed for

Fire Service Personnel

Course Length

5 Units – 15 Hours

The firefighter as a member of a FAST operation will identify the tools and staffing requirements for a FAST operation; develop a plan for a missing, lost or trapped firefighter; demonstrate rope search techniques; and demonstrate removing a firefighter / victim up a stairwell, up or down through a hole in a floor / roof, moving a downed firefighter out of a window, and lowering a firefighter down a ladder.