Health Services

  1. Jacobus Center

    The Jacobus Center has supplied family planning/reproductive health services to the Cortland community since 1972.

  2. Lead Poisoning Prevention

    The purpose of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is to prevent poisoning in children by reducing their risk of exposure to lead. To identify all potential exposures through universal testing of all one and two year olds.

  3. Maternal Child Health (MCH)

    Pregnant and post-partal women and their newborns are eligible to receive home visits from a professional nurse.

  4. Medicaid Obstetrical & Maternal Services (MOMS)

    Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Services (MOMS) is available to pregnant women of any age whose gross income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level and who are receiving prenatal care in Cortland County.

  5. Nursing Clinics

    The Cortland County Health Department has a number of Nursing Clinics and Programs including Immunization Program, Lead Poisoning Program, and Tuberculosis (TB) Program.

  6. Public Health Insurance Enrollment

    The New York State of Health is an organized marketplace designed to help New Yorkers shop for and enroll in health insurance coverage.

  7. Rabies Control & Response

    Responsible for the management of possible rabies exposures. Activities include the submittal of rabies samples, ensuring proper human post-exposure treatment, and providing countywide pet rabies clinics.

  8. Tobacco Free Zone

    Tobacco Free Zone is a partnership of community organizations and individuals dedicated to reducing the health and economic burden of tobacco use in Cortland County by fostering the shift toward a tobacco-free community norm.

  9. Narcan

    Narcan is a medication that reverses an overdose from heroin or other opioids.