What we offer

The Jacobus Center for Reproductive Health (JCRH) has provided reproductive health services in our community since 1972. Our high quality services are confidential and a sliding fee scale is available. Each visit includes the opportunity to discuss your birth control choices and other reproductive health related concerns.


  • Confidential HIV Counseling and Rapid Testing- Call 800-562-9423 for Anonymous Testing
  • Birth Control and Contraceptive Options
    • FREE Condoms
    • Depo Provera - "The Shot"
    • Diaphragm
    • Intrauterine Device (IUD) / Paragard (Copper IUD)
    • Nuva Ring - "The Ring"
    • Othro Evra Patch Via Prescription
    • Oral Contraceptives - "The Pill"
    • Emergency Contraception - Find E.C. facts
    • Fertility Awareness - Natural Family Planning
  • Gynecological Exams
    • Breast and Pelvic Exams
    • Pap Smears
  • Pregnancy Testing / Options Counseling - Referrals available for prenatal care, adoption or abortion
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections (STDs/STIs) Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Treatment for Common Gynecological Problems
  • Expedited Partner Therapy – EPT
  • PrEP- Daily Medication to Prevent HIV

Payment Options

  • Do not let cost keep you from getting services
  • We accept Medicaid and other insurances
  • No insurance? No problem!
  • Cost based on income- sliding fee scale
  • Cash, check and credit card payments accepted
  • Cancer Services Program - If you are uninsured and or under insured, Cancer Service Program may pay for certain breast (exams and mammogram) and cervical (pap smears) screenings.
  • We can help with applying for Family Planning Benefit Program
  • No one is denied services for inability to pay.
Find more information on payment options.


Please call 607-753-5027 to schedule an appointment.