Mental Health Department

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  1. Mental Health Clinic

    Our goal is to assist individuals with mental health issues become more functional in emotional, cognitive, social, vocational, educational and/or self- care areas.

  2. Cortland County Mental Health Patient Portal

    Cortland County Mental Health Patient Portal

  3. Intake Packets

    Find intake packets used by the Cortland County Mental Health Department.

  4. Family Support Services

    The Family Support Services Program was implemented in Cortland County in the late 1980s.

  5. Horizon House

    The mission of Horizon House is to offer individuals whose functioning has been impeded by a severe/enduring mental illness, the opportunity to obtain and maintain the clinical stability, community-based support and life skills necessary to live in the community and pursue their personal life goals.

  6. Prevention Services for Youth

    Learn about the prevention services for youth such as community capacity building, funding exploration, and prevention education.

  7. SPOA (Single Point of Access)

  8. Insomnia Group

    In the Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Insomnia group you will learn ways to improve your sleep without the use of medication.

  9. Client Grievances

    Learn how to submit a grievance to the Cortland County Mental Health Department.

  10. Community Services Board

    Learn about the Community Services Board including the members of the board, meeting information, and meeting agendas and minutes.

  11. Mental Health Subcommittee

    Check out agendas and minutes, meeting information, and meeting information for the Mental Health Subcommittee.

  12. Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee

    Find meeting information, member information, agendas and minutes for the Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee.

  13. Chemical Dependency Subcommittee

    Find member information, meeting information, and agendas and minutes for the Chemical Dependency Subcommittee.

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