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UPDATE for 3/27/2020: Positive COVID-19 cases confirmed in Cortland County is now 7. We are currently monitoring 56 individuals in quarantine. None of these individuals are hospitalized. 

The Health Department does not have the ability to test for COVID-19. Testing is given through Health Care Providers in the community. 

Cortland County residents who are experiencing coronavirus symptoms need to call their doctor, who will coordinate any necessary testing. For people who don’t have a primary-care physician, they can call Upstate Medical University at (315) 464-3979 or Cayuga’s Call Center at (607) 319-5708. If you are instructed by a medical professional to get tested, follow their instructions for a sample collection and then go directly to your home and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME until you receive results from your provider.

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  3. Seasonal Flu

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The mission of the Cortland County Health Department is to promote health, prevent disease, injury, and disability while enhancing the quality of the life within our community.

The Cortland County Health Department has numerous programs and services designed to achieve this mission. Working together, we can improve the health and well being of all residents of Cortland County.


Business Hours:

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If it is after normal business hours and you need to report one of the following:

  a death in a regulated facility, contact with an animal that may cause a risk for rabies, or a communicable disease that cannot wait until normal business hours

     Call the Sheriff’s Department at 607-753-3311 and they will contact the Health Department to return your call.

Follow us @CortGovHealth on social media for updates, information and events.
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