Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Planning Department houses the main GIS Data for the County.  The Department also creates some data in-house, including Zoning Districts and transportation.  GIS can be used for many different spatial applications.  The Planning Department can use GIS to assist the public in map creation, solving of complex environmental problems, stormwater management, runoff and flooding questions, site selection/analysis, transportation, and various other problems that can be solved using spatial analysis.  When used correctly, GIS can be an instrumental tool for finding solutions to complex questions.  The Planning Department is happy to assist with any GIS related requests that you may have.  To access our publicly available layers please go to our GIS Data Viewer .  

GIS Specialist - Base rate for technician services 25.00/hr. 

To Request a Map Please Contact Our Office

Map Pricing

Map Size Government Pricing Public Pricing
8 1/2 x 11 1.00/ea. 2.00/ea.
11 x 17 2.00/ea. 4.00/ea.
15 x 18 3.00/ea. 6.00/ea.
18 x 24 4.00/ea. 8.00/ea.
24 x 36 8.00/ea. 10.00/ea.
30 x 36 10.00/ea. 12.00/ea.
36 x 36 12.00/ea. 14.00/ea.
36 x 40 13.00/ea. 16.00/ea.
36 x 42 14.00/ea. 18.00/ea.
36 x 48 16.00/ea. 20.00/ea.

Examples of GIS Maps

scott wetlands
homer agricultural districts
preble topography and hydrography