1. Administration

    Learn about the offices and procedures pertaining to the day to day operations of Cortland County.

  2. Finance

    Find out about the Finance department including equalization and tax rate information.

  3. Human Services

    Locate County resources for services related to the health and social well being for all age groups.

  4. Legislature

    Browse information related for the governing of Cortland County including laws, budget, committees, and legislator profiles.

  5. Operations

    Understand the departments that contribute to the maintenance and consistent function of Cortland County resources and services.

  6. Personnel & Civil Service

    The Personnel Department is administers the provisions of Civil Service Law, and serves as the central personnel agency for all positions covered by Civil Service.

  7. Cortland County Historian

    The Cortland County Historian is responsible for researching, collecting and preserving local historical records and properties to advance the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Cortland County's heritage. Work also involves presenting programs of a historical nature to local groups, as well as preparing articles for historical publications. Work is performed under the general direction of the County Legislature. Does related work as required.

  8. Public Safety

    Learn about public safety and find information on the police department, fire and emergency management, and the county EMS division.

  9. Highway

    The Cortland County Highway Department, a full-service agency responsible for all aspects of design, construction and maintenance of the county road system.

  10. Solid Waste / Recycling

    Locate resources related to recycling, landfill and solid waste facilities, policies and plans.