Online & Downloadable Forms

  1. 911 Center Comment / Concern Form

    Submit a comment or a concern regarding the 911 center.

  2. Accountability Tag Request Form

    Request an accountability tag.

  3. Cortland County Business Emergency Contact Form

    The information on the Business Emergency Contact Form is used to assist first responders when there is an emergency at your business' location.

  4. Fire & EMS Service Injury Reporting

    Find out how to file an injury of death claim.

  5. Firefighter Inquiry Form - Arson Background (PDF)

    View the Division of Criminal Justice Services Firefighter Inquiry Form.

  6. Fit Test Machine Request Form

    Request a fit test machine.

  7. MDT Report a Problem Form

    All MDT problems may be reported using this form.

  8. Nightly Annoucement Form

  9. Radio Repair Request Form

    Request to have a radio repaired.

  10. Regional Training Center Reservation Form

  11. Response Plan Change Authorization Form

  12. Training Authorization Letter (PDF)

    View the Office Fire Prevention and Control's Training Authorization Letter.

  13. Training Registration Form

    Register for firefighter training courses.