1. Weights and Measures

    Under Article 16 Section 180 of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, “there shall be a County Director of Weights and Measures”, the duty of which includes: 1. Inspect and or test all commercially used weighing and measuring devices and systems at least once a year. 2. Perform test buys and do investigations to ensure proper business practices involving transactions based on weight, measure, or count. 3. Keep and maintain the applicable standards of weights and measures and submit those standards to the New York State Metrology Lab at least once every 5 years for certification. 4. Perform petroleum sampling and investigation at the retail level for the New York State Petroleum Quality Program. 5. Keep and maintain records of inspections, consumer complaints, fees, penalties collected, establishment list, etc. for both NY Agriculture and Markets as well as the County. The department is responsible for the fair commerce between consumers and busin

  2. Buildings and Grounds

    Responsible for the care and upkeep of all buildings and grounds.