Boards & Committees

  1. Agriculture & Planning Committee

    The Agriculture and Planning Committee oversees numerous local planning boards and departments, environmental agencies and local resources related to agriculture and recreation.

  2. Budget & Finance Committee

    The Budget & Finance Committee shall review the tentative budget filed by the County, consider and recommend appropriations required for all purposes and prepare and report the annual estimates for the tax levy.

  3. Building & Grounds Committee

    The Building and Grounds Committee has general supervision over Buildings and Grounds Department, Information Technology, the County Safety Office, and all safety issues that affect the County.

  4. Cayuga - Cortland Workforce Investment Board

    The Cayuga - Cortland Workforce Investment System serves the employers and individuals of Cayuga and Cortland Counties by providing a full array of workforce development services for the betterment of our communities.

  5. Chemical Dependency Subcommittee

    The Chemical Dependency Subcommittee Chairperson is Lisa Cutia.

  6. Community Services Board

    The Community Services Board Chairperson is Don Noble PhD.

  7. Cortland County Legislature

    The Cortland County Legislature is the elected county governing body for this community.

  8. Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee

    The Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee Chairperson is Jeff Beal.

  9. Health & Human Services Committee

    The Health and Human Services Committee shall oversee Social Services, Employment and Training Office, Office for the Aging, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Veterans’ Services, and contracted social services agencies.

  10. Highway Committee

    The Highway Committee oversees the County Highway Department, including Highway Department garages, grounds, buildings and the maintenance thereof.

  11. Judiciary & Public Safety Committee

    The Judiciary and Public Safety Committee shall oversee numerous local courts and their interactions, the County Clerk and the Traffic Safety Board.

  12. Mental Health Subcommittee

  13. Personnel Committee

    The Personnel Committee shall oversee the Personnel / Civil Service Office, County Attorney, Board of Elections and the Legislature, all insurance coverage carried with and by Cortland County and shall protect the best interest of the County.

  14. Solid Waste Committee

    The Solid Waste Committee shall oversee operations in the Department of Solid Waste and Cortland County Recycling programs.

  15. Youth Board

    Youth Board members have chosen to be proactive participants in identifying issues within our community and developing a county wide system of youth services.

  16. EMS Advisory Board

    Learn about the Cortland County EMS Advisory Board. Find the by-laws as well as information about the H1N1 virus and the Air One program.

  17. Board of Health

    An eight-member Board of Health, appointed by the Cortland County Legislature in accordance with Public Health Law, oversees the activities of the Health Department, and County Health District, working to address community health needs throughout the County.