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The County Clerk's Office is the legal repository for all recorded land transactions from year 1808 (formation of Cortland County) forward, including mortgages and deeds. A mortgage is an instrument in writing that imposes a lien on or affects the title to real property with such property being used as security for the payment of money or the performance of an obligation.  A deed transfers ownership of real property.  Actions affecting the land in any way are recorded in the County Clerk's Office.


Property Search

Mortgages and Deeds from 1808 forward are available for searching on the County Clerk's computerized records system and online.  There is no fee to access the records online.  Printing documents in the County Clerk's Office is $0.65 per page.


Please note that it is the policy of the Cortland County Clerk's Office to examine documents for recording and note any defects or deficiencies. Even if these defects or deficiencies are correctable, the Clerk's staff cannot alter or change any of the contents of these documents prior to recording.

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